Thursday, May 6, 2010

VUI - Latex Catsuit

Tonight’s outfit is a little bit of a mystery.

Lelo and I both received it somehow, somewhen, but darned if we remember the details.

It’s Aurora Vuissent’s excellent latex catsuit, a 50L$ steal.

It’s the only fetish item in her store, sadly, but the rest of the clothes are also inexpensive and pretty.

The color is quite rich when worn as lelo is doing here, that is, with both layers worn at the same time. Otherwise the catsuit is transparent and a lot naughtier.

Let’s hope Aurora sells a lot of catsuits thanks to this post, and decides on a career in fetishwear ;)

You can see the store blog here :

Aurora offers these catsuits at a price that’s hard to beat, well it would have to be a freebie.

And to be honest i haven’t seen a freebie with this quality of texturing.

The catsuits come in eight colors: green, dirty gold, blue, violet, purple, teal, red wine and the red shown here.

Gloves and stockings are included, but in transparent only, which sadly makes them stand out a bit when you wear both layers. A second pair of each in the color of the double layer would be a nice little improvement. *smiles*

Name : VUI
Owner : Aurora Vuissent


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