Friday, May 7, 2010

Anthemion - Bridle and 50th Pony Post

I received an IM a few days ago from Anthemion's creator, Lylani Bellic, bringing the bridle to my attention.

Imagine my shock to realise I had already purchased this bridle some time ago, yet failed to mention it even once on previous postings about bridles.

The bridle is simple but effective in design, keeping prim cost low, (106) which is no bad thing.

In full tack with some high prim bridles, teleporting to another sim is nearly impossible.

The bridle is full RLV compatible, and includes blinders or full blindfold, a choice of bit gags, and interestingly, features a snap-on muzzle, ears and plume/mane and nose hook.

The gag prevents open speech and can also restrict IMs, though not to the keyholder.

Addon ear muffs prevent you receiving chat and or IMs... a nice touch to keep your pony from hearing your plans for them :).

Options with the gag allow the pony to speak in IM or open chat if required, and whisper, while the ear mufflers can restrict hearing range from 0-100 meters.

Blinkers or blindfold options are included too - and feature a variety of blindfold thickness settings to restrict or totally blind your pony.

Reins and holder are included, as well as an anchor, and naturally the whole set can be locked, and a timer options is also offered.

A customization menu offers a choice of color combinations as well as the ability to change the size of the bridle to help fit.

Having said that, I had trouble getting this to fit my small head. Thankfully, Lylani was able to help with that, ensuring a better fit than I was able to muster.

Overall, a great bridle and a worthy alternative to the numerous options now available. at LS650, this may not be the cheapest bridle, but compares favorably with others.

Some may find the look of the bridle simplistic, however I have been made aware of updates to come - and Anthemion is a new player in the pony market.

Whilst showing the bridle to a friend, it was noted however that it does require more options with the coloring, so perhaps this might be addressed in a future update.

Most designers in SL are happy to hear requests or ideas to help improve their products and many designers of pony products consult with ponies to get their views on the items.

Vendors can be found at Alikat Stable and also at Stonehaven in the BRATZ BDSM Products shop, or click this link for the XStreet page.

On a different note, this is a landmark posting, representing my 50th article, and it is a full year since I began writing here.

I would like to thank everyone who has read this feature and those who have made it possible.

Deirdre and lelo here :
We're proud to have someone as dependable and experienced as Jaydana for our Pony Correspondent, keeping the SL pony community informed and making the Second Life Fetish Fashion Guide the number one pony blog in SL !

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