Monday, May 10, 2010

VvB Stiletto Heels - Maid Platform Ankle Boots.

Long time readers will have noted our traditional Monday Kayliwulf Kingdom post.

We looked forward to doing them too; we love their designs.

Daphne and Lazarus have given us tremendous support since we started this blog, as well as a choice spot for our blog board at their sim.

So we will continue showing their new outfits as they are released, but we will ease off the weekly posts for now.

We found so many good boots recently that we’re launching a week devoted to them.

Here’s lelo with the first entry in Boot Week 2010 : VvB’s Maid ankle boots.

Viktoria sent us these a while back, and we were just itching to run them.

They’re gorgeous ankle boots with an extreme heel, and as we said before, Viktoria’s inspiration is La Piazza Heels.

Once again, there is a shine texture, and a prim shine applied to the boots - so they look awesome from any angle.

Viktoria has been busy the past weeks and according to her, she’s finally getting the hang of 3D sculpting, and we can only agree.

The shoe-shape is amazing and the texturing is perfect and i can only wonder at how she got the little bow in the lace looking so good.

The extreme high heel is made even longer by the height of the platform, these are true sky scraper heels, you better not have a fear of heights in these boots.

There is just one little bit of critique on these boots, the scripting in them could use a bit of help.

You have to change the color of the laces on each boot separately, can you imagine. *winks*

Now lets hope she can make the same improvement on the ballet-boot prims as she did on these and she might, like she said, get me out of my Fairlights, no promises though...

Name : VvB Stiletto Heels
Owner : Viktoria Brandenburg


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