Thursday, May 27, 2010

XTC Leather - BackDraft and BloodLust

Xaviar released these two gorgeous corsets, BackDraft and BloodLust, a while back - he’s in a pretty prolific phase, it seems.

But while I would live 24/7 in leather, we do try to be fair and show a variety in the blog, so they sat in my closet for some weeks, pining for the fjords.

Those are two distinct outfits, not just a color variation : BackDraft in black, has cool decorative laces in front, and BloodLust, in red, has a cool spider-like pattern in front, which is repeated on the gloves.

A tiny, tiny, tiny bikini bottom and excellent leather leggings (that is, footless boots - add some good ankle boots and you’re there) complete the look.

They’re really not very expensive... you could get both ;)

Here are two great leather creation by Xaviar Thunders.

As usual the leather texture on both is amazing and show his love for the material, a love he shares with Mistress.

You’ll find the corsets on the first floor or second floor (depending on which side of the big pond you live), together with a wide variety of other corsets.

One thing we forgot to tell you the last time, but XTC isn’t only for the girls, the left half of the shop is boys-wear. Same lovely leather but a bit more bulky. *winks*

Ohh and for those of you who found the floor scary, Xaviar put in some rugs to walk on.

Name : XTC Leather
Owner : Xaviar Thunders


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