Friday, May 28, 2010

Netsui Kigyo - Pony Bed

Here is another really nice product I bought ages ago, yet have never really used. And that is often a crying shame as the products are wonderful.

It's just I am often so unfocused. So it's a joy to stumble across something while "cleaning my inventory". And this is one such item.

Your pony has a stall, but the texture hay doesn't look very comfortable - and you don't want your prized pony getting cramps in the middle of a cart race?

This bed of hay fits the bill perfectly.

Comfortable and with 3 sleeping pony poses, guaranteed to make your pony look cute while they sleep.

The bed also features a water trough and a feed box which can be rezzed on demand, ensuring your pony remains comfortable and well fed and watered whilst in their stall.

The bed is a reasonably priced L$250, and without the water or hay feeds rezzed, weighs in at just 1 prim.

So why not go visit Netsui Kigyo at and check it out and treat your pony - or yourself.

While there, also check the rest of the store out if you haven't yet been. Lots of interesting, and plenty fun, items there - well worth a visit.

1 comment:

  1. I seriously love my ponybed. Any time Miss has me in tack, I always spend the night curled up on my bed. The sleeping poses are animated, a little mechanical perhaps, but really really nice for a pony looking for something comfortable to sleep on.