Monday, June 7, 2010

Latex Station - Vlanex Black

We ran into Chill3 Mills while visiting Latex Station some time back, and she immediately handed me the Vlanex catsuit.

It’s new, it’s intricate and gorgeously detailed, and it’s not even on XStreet yet.

There are three versions of the underwear layer : black transparent (back shot here), hard nude, and plain black (the front shot).

The beautiful front designs go great with a jacket like my Cipher, which is widely open in front.

Vlanex is also available in blue and red, with the same transparent options.

Seems Chill3 started censoring the vendor pics.. so instead of my little red hearts, you get her black stars ;)

If you want a fast look at most of the Latex Station outfits, click here for the XStreet link.

Ok, i like belts but this is over the top, took me 40 minutes to close all of them. *looks at her bleeding fingers*

Well it would have taken that long in RL, isn’t SL great when it comes to changing clothes, specially rubber, no talcum power or oil needed. *smiles*

This outfit works great with last week's Bliss Boots by Deviant Design, they have the same theme going on there.

Ohh.. the included smoky transparent latex is to die for.. not very decent but sooooo good looking *winks*

More than worth the total outfit price so the rest is a bonus *smiles*

Name : Latex Station
Owner : Chill3 Mills


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