Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Places - Venustus

Venustus is one of our regular hangouts : it’s gorgeous and peaceful.

It’s also a lesbian sim; that is, it’s for women only - male avatars get ejected on sight.

Fetish and BDSM are welcome - some humorous “Caution BDSM” signs have recently been added here and there near the main building.

Venustus is an old place. It was established in 2008, and grew over time to take over the entire sim.

It has changed looks a few times over the years, as the owner is an enthusiastic builder.

The staff is friendly and helpful, the security is very good - we’ve never even *seen* trouble.

And unlike strip clubs, there are no one-prim-penis noobs around ;)

There are regular events : Kayliwulf Kingdom is in every other Friday (next visit is June 11th!), and XTC Leather is also over regularly.

Even outside of the scheduled events, the club is usually busy, mostly focused around the dance floor.

A mall surrounds the club, full of fetish stores. There is ample seating outside the main building for snuggling and chatting. A lovely little beach offers a quiet corner for same.

Some very clean beach-front condos surround the island, separated from the club by a beautiful “lagoon”.

We love everything about Venustus : the look, the staff, the atmosphere, the visitors.. I swear, the average night sees better fetishwear than Bondage Ranch does.

Do drop in :)

The SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Zhongli%20Quan/180/180/24

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