Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Spiderweb Creations - Latex N Lace Top and Skirt

Another latex designer we found at Latexia, this is Spiderweb Creations’ Latex ‘n Lace Top and Skirt.

We dropped by the main store, and found a lot of decent outfits in solid, basic colors.

The teleport places you in the middle of the store, and if you see walls all around you, don’t panic! You’re just under the staircase ;)

Each color includes a black dress with laces matching the kit, except the white, where the black counterpart has black laces, not white - probably looks better that way.

Garry also offers color matched gloves and boots, next to the dresses themselves, on the second floor.

Now here is a nice little number i would love to own in RL, and with the way SL draws skirts i’m sure i would look better in it in RL.

Maybe i should make a skirt version of my shape to compensate, but i somehow got used to little old me. *smiles*

In the kit you get two color combinations, in this case red with black laces and vice versa.

The kits come in 6 colors, white, purple, red, gold, blue and silver.

*sighs* i really must go on a diet... or do you think it’s the skirt? *winks*

Name : Spiderweb Creations
Owner : Garry Tanner


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  1. Thanks guys for a nice review.

    I toyed with the idea of following current ideas and make skirts with a small added prim, but it's just as bad either way. I would recommend a custom skirt body with thinner waist. It seems most female bodies available are "Barbylike" anyway, so the SL skirt just adds to the butt size.

    I changed the home link so you dont arive "in a box" too.

    Garry Tanner (SL Name)