Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jaquline Jewell Design - Latex Lingerie and Corsage - Black Transparent

This lovely outfit is really two outfits from Jaquline Jewell Design : The Latex Lingerie kit in transparent black, and the matching Latex Corsage.

Now I’m hearing some of you screaming “hey, that’s not what a corsage is!” but Merriam-Webster says “the waist or bodice of a dress” too, so it works, ok? ;)

Both kits come in a bunch of good layers, but the corsage comes with optional undies - use the “w/o Straps” versions if you don’t want them.

The layers are thoughtfully named (J for jacket, US for undershirt, and so on) and as I’m not used to seeing that, it puzzled me for a moment.

The quality is excellent, lelo loved the seamed stockings at first glance, and the latex is really transparent, hence our little PG hearts ;)

Not so long ago we had a nice comment on our blog, telling us about JJD and that it was a store missing in our list, now that’s the spam we like to get. *smiles*

So intrigued by the praise, ok it was from one of Jaqulines girls, so she might have been a bit biased, we had a look at the store.

The store is on two levels, with the lower one offering some fun latex clothing and the upper floor is filled with her BDSM toys.

While you are at the store don’t forget to take a pair of the free leather shackles, same as with shoes you can never have to many of those.

Small word of warning.. there are active traps on the top floor so better watch out, it might become a pretty long visit. *winks*

Name : Jaquline Jewell Design
Owner : Jaquline Jewell


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