Monday, June 28, 2010

Think Kink - Lisas Delight II

Well lelo was no help *at all* on this post.. she just sat there and moaned ;)

This is Lisa’s Delight II, by Think Kink, a nice kinky store in a nice kinky mall which we will be visiting frequently in the future.

This is a one-pose toy, but it has a lot of fun options.

A clean menu gives access to things like a free whip and color-change cuffs, and turns on a mysterious option called the Graboid.

Now I was expecting a tentacle monster to leap out and pounce on lelo, but sadly it seems to be a RLV relay invoking script. Still sounds like fun ;)

Well here is a nice toy from Think Kink, and thinking kink they were when building this one.

As you might guess the stand is fully RLV enabled and even offers a trap mode, so relay wearers beware of this one, you might get to know it more intimate than you would like.

For extra role play fun it has a remotely operated dildo, which is Xcite and Sensations enabled.

The stand has a simple animation giving the effect of some slight struggling against the bonds and trying to relieve some painful knees.

Once locked onto the stand you can’t get to the controls which is emphasized with the rattling of chains and a nice little line in chat.

Ohh and it comes with a free pair of Lulu’s basic play cuffs in leather, but it works fine with my trusted old Amethysts.

Name : Think Kink
Owner : Lyssa Daehlie & Ilana Debevec


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