Friday, June 25, 2010

Pony AO - Netsui Kigyo

I occasionally get asked which Animation Override (AO) I would recommend. Short answer is there isn't one. I cycle between three different AO's depending on my mood and tack choice.

It also helps if you can find the AO's in your inventory easy enough. I already mentioned a few weeks ago one of my favorites, and from the comments, I am not alone there.

One of my other personal favorites and long standing one at that, is the Netsui Kigyo Pony AO. I have had mine a number of years, so forgive me if the newer ones are a little different.

This AO comes in a tiny prim which when worn is hidden inside the body. The AO itself includes 10 separate animations. 5 custom stands, a ground sit, 2 walks and my absolute favorite, a nice looking pre jump and jump animation.

The AO hud is modifiable, so you can take the animations and add them to other AOs you have, or put the whole AO set into some other prim item such as your hooves.

This AO has been around for ages and still comes highly recommended - and I feel it is well worth looking at when deciding on your AO.

You can of course turn the AO off using a spoken command on a pre set channel, just in case a cart animation causes some interference.

All the animations are smooth and polished, and I still have not seen the jump animation done so well yet. I would buy it just for the jump animations.

If you have not already visited Netsui Kigyo's store - then why not? There are plenty of things to look at, and pose stands so you can see the animations for yourself.

Having met with the delightful owner of Netsui, Misao Nakamura, she assures me that the pony AO is on her list of things to be updated, however a busy schedule means there is nothing set in the way of a time line for it.

Check back often to see what else she has in store!


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