Friday, July 23, 2010

Deirdre and lelo - Third Anniversary

A word from us is pretty special today : Today is Deirdre and lelo’s third year anniversary together in Second Life. Three years ago, we met and decided to explore this amazing world ... and rapidly decided that we wanted to be together for the whole journey. (picture from 2007!)

Three years is long some ways. It’s a lot of hours if you add up the daily visits. But it can seem pretty short, looking back. Seems like yesterday that I walked up to lelo at Desperation Isle and said hello.

For us, today was a day to reflect. Remembering the wonderful places we knew, the good friends who are gone, the ones still with us.. the beautiful places we visited, the amazing things we did, built, the clubs we ran, the projects we abandoned.. you know, life.

Lelo makes me happy. Every day, the time we spend together is precious to me. Not just for the effort she makes to meet me in the world every day, but for the love, loyalty, support - devotion, in a word - that she gives me. We laugh together, sometimes cry together, work, learn, play, snuggle. Happy life :)

I’m proud to be able to share this day with you, our faithful readers. And the many, many more to come.

I love you, lelo. Second Life wouldn’t be heaven without you.

Wow, 3 years already, how time flies.

We just were thinking back about all the things we did, the people we met, friends we made and friends we lost.

Not sure what i expected when i came into SL, but when i met my Deirdre, on one of my first days here, something sparked.

Don’t think it was love at first sight, still we friended and 2 days later i proudly wore her collar, the one i’m still wearing 3 years later.

We slowly grew together and adjusted our RL to be together, Deirdre hurrying home to be here at her 6 and me getting up at midnight, to spend our precious time together.

And after 3 years we are still deeply in love with each other, the few times one of us isn’t here friends call and ask what’s happened, as they are used to always see us together.

Deirdre, i love you with all my heart, you are the best Mistress i could ever wish for, my best friend, the most beautiful wife i could ever dream of... you are my heaven.

pretty soon we won’t need SL as we are already finishing each other’s sentences... ESP *winks*

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  1. awww, congratulations to you both. Many, many more.