Friday, July 23, 2010

Pony Place: AE Ranch

One of the first thing I noticed when rezzing into this sim, is the notice board right in front of you, one of the notices is upcoming events, with one being held 31st July.

Yes that's right - a pony area that holds events. How cool is that?

This must be a fairly new place, as I have not until very recently encountered it before. Good to see new places still popping up.

At first glance, we find the usual arrangements expected on a pony sim or stable, including sets of stalls in a barn.

One novel feature : the stalls are behind a prison-style caged area.

Outside the barn, next to the notice board, is the dressage field, and right next to that is the slalom track. Next to the slalom track is a steeple course.

This is a small area of land, so everything is packed close together, but it doesn't feel cramped. With luck, and enough traffic, things may expand over time.

Next to the steeple track, squeezed in between it and the barn, are a couple of pony walkers. You have to admire the effort to provide everything for the pony in such a small space.

Use the notice board to teleport up to the track where a cart rezzer is provided. But beware, this track has a slalom feature, so it's not all plain easy running.

The track is rather lengthy considering the small amount of space in which it sits.

It's great to see new places pop up for ponies, so, go and visit, support the community and let's see if there are not more area's opening, rather than closing!


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