Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DeLa - Bette Jet Black

With all the leather jackets I have, you’d think a bike would be on the list of purchases.. oh well, some day ;)

This cute bolero top is called Bette, and it’s from DeLa clothing. The Bette was just the first I saw - there are a number of other good leather vests and jackets at DeLa, I will definitely be going back.

The jacket comes in two sizes, small and medium. Each size has a spine and chest version, along with the clothes layer jacket and sleeves.

Lots of prim pockets and straps and snaps along with the prim collar and lapels make this a good-looking addition to a catsuit, for example.

The jacket is mod copy no trans - make a copy before you adjust!

One of Mistress’ recent finds, my Leather Goddess is always on the look out for some good leather.

DeLa has a big store on it’s own Sim, so better pack a lunch when you go shopping there. *winks*

The jacket comes in 10 colors which you can buy separately or in fat packs : two fat packs contain a choice of 5 colors each, and the "fat fat" pack contains all 10 colors, though at 2800 the price of that one is a bit steep.

Still it’s a good example of what’s on offer at DeLa, so if you like the looks of this, give the store a good look.

Name : DeLa
Owner : Kuranosuke Kamachi


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