Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Draconic Kiss - Mana

Draconic Kiss is one of those stores we took a note to cover ages ago.. well, this is finally their turn.

This is not a new outfit, but it is quite a lovely one, called simply Mana.

The color is good, and the reflections simple and convincing.

Add some good shoes or boots (lelo’s wearing VvB’s Oxford shoe here), and you (nearly) have a great outfit to go dancing at Rubber Room ;)

Have a peek at their blog :

Hmmm looks like i got a blue theme going this week, at least it’s not like i’m feeling blue. *winks*

With the fun looking latex skirt you get a nice two colored top, making it a dress, two colored stockings and gloves.

I’m just a sucker for dresses like this, i love how they move when you swing your hips. *smiles*

There is one thing missing from this kit, which we luckily found out before we left the studio, there aren’t any panties included so better add some before you cause trouble.

And no sorry guys, we don’t have alt-zoom-able pictures on the blog. *sticks out tongue*

Simple, good looking, latex, low priced dress, what’s not to like?

Name : Draconic Kiss
Owner : Draconic Lioncourt


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