Friday, July 9, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

One of the most often overlooked things when getting your pony tack, is how the pony is going to wear their hair or mane.

After all, not many ponies are able to weave their mane into an elegant french twist, while wearing hooves or arm binders.

A pony will obviously want her vision to be clear, so long fringes are probably not desired. Similarly, leaving long hair loose and wild could get tangled in tack or a cart.

So just what hair is best?

Some would say no hair is best - and opt for a latex hooded catsuit.

Permanent pony owners might decide to shave the pony's head, leaving a mohawk for a mane.

Many others seem to adopt a variation on the classic pony tail style.

Perhaps for a show event, the pony tail might be one worn up. Or for a more casual working pony, a relaxed pony tail.

Keep in mind that scripts and prim count in flexi hair can also add to lag if you are trying to get a record time on slalom.

Opt for a latex hood and minimal tack if it's fractions of seconds you are trying to save.

And bring on the carefully groomed ponytail mane for the show events - there is no reason a pony shouldn't look a million bucks too.

So next time you wear your tack, or tack your pony up, give some thought to the mane - it is as important a part of the pony's tack as their bridle, and some thought should be spared for it.

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