Monday, July 12, 2010

POC - Farah Boots Black

Some lovely new boots from Powers of Creation, these are the Farah boots, in black.

The boots come in two versions : Viewer 2, and the one that works ;)

An excellent HUD controls the scale of the boots (for shorter avatars), and the size of the calf part, as well as AO and heel click

The sole and rim colors can be changed there, too : in exquisite detail, I might add. Good thing there are presets.

If it seems a bit complicated, clicking the question mark in the title bar produces a note card with all necessary detail.

This is a great example of cooperation between a sculpt person and a texture person - brilliant combination!

We got a great tip from our good friend Viktoria, did we ever tell you how much we love getting tips like that? *winks*

So we checked out the store and didn’t have long to search, as the boots are still new they are in a convenient, new section, at the entrance of the store.

The boots look great and i think this is the first time i see a designer name, in this case Anja Dollinger, on the vendor.

I particularly like the height of the heel and the zipper on the inside leg.

Great looking boots that perfectly match the colors and shine of the POC latex and i know you love that deep shine, we do... so get on your bike and get your matching boots. *smiles*

Name : Powers of Creation
Owner : Kai Heideman, Thoto Beerbaum



  1. Splendid ! But...I'm so lazy to search on the site. Can you tell me where I can find the catsuit? It matches so perfectly with the boots.

    Oh ! By the way, thanks for your site. I love it. I come here everydays.

  2. The catsuits are at the right end of the POC store, on the far wall. Tell Kai Deirdre sent you ;)