Friday, July 2, 2010

Hybridz - Latex Pony Girl

If you want the total latex enclosure look while still retaining the pony-girl tack, then you really should take a look at the Latex Pony Girl set from Hybridz.

Available with a wonderfully textured black latex skin which leaves only the eyes uncovered, with visible zipper detail down the spine and a choice of 3 brands or plain latex with no brand.

The foot hooves are dangerous looking, yet manage to cover the feet, and resemble hooves in a convincing way. A collar and belt also add to the overall outfit.

A small tail where you would expect to see one in matching black almost finishes the set, but of course, the head is not complete without a bridle? Right?

Wrong - at least in this case. Total enclosure, remember?

The Hybridz set also includes in my opinion a beautifully made mask that gives the pony a real horse-like head, complete with built in bridle.

Add an owner to the mask and they have control of the usual Hybridz RLV features, including lock/unlock to lock all the pony prim parts on, gag/un-gag which obviously prevents the pony from talking in public, block TP/unblock TP to keep your pony in one sim, and breathe on/off to turn breathing sound effects and breath mist on or off.

In addition, there is also an Isolate feature - which turns on restrictions to prevent the pony interacting in SL - build, edit and inventory etc.

The hooves also include Lockguard scripts, and lovely pony hoof sound effect when walking.

So, if you are looking for a latex pony-girl set - or even a fine looking pony mask, you really should take a look at Hybridz, it might just be what you are seeking.

Name : HybridZ
Owner : Fyre Furse & Natalie Serapis

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