Thursday, July 1, 2010

Places - House of V

Once again, a big place we almost overlooked. I’m going to stop apologizing and just get to them as soon as we can, ok? ;)

House of V is one of the oldest fetish clubs in SL : four years is pretty darned remarkable, for any type of club!

House of V is primarily focused on D/s and BDSM, yet one of its stated goals is to make everyone feel welcome and safe.

A “protected sub” program offers mentors to those new to the lifestyle, so they can learn without worry of predators. While it’s tempting for experienced D/s folks to dismiss such things, there really are people who take advantage of gullible beginners.

The club endeavours to keep a live DJ stream up 24/7, and has recently introduced live music events which are advertised through the membership and friends of House of V groups.

The Members Days on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays let the friends of House of V and gold members claim any non member or eligible staff for 30 minutes of play. Keep the days in mind before dropping in if you don’t want surprises ;)

A densely-packed mall (reminds me of a souk!) at the foot of the club supplies the visitors with the little extras that spice up play ;)


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