Friday, July 16, 2010

If Only...

Last week I understand I missed out on a pony parade at Sarah's Island Pony and Puppy Community which is a shame, as I understand it was quite a procession.

And that got me thinking. Yes, it did hurt!

What else would I like to see come into ponyplay, if I were able to make it? I'm not suggesting I can, as my creative skills do not stretch that far.

But if someone who can make these things were to see what we want, it might bring about some fantastic new products.

So, what would you ask for? I would love to see more saddles for ponies. One that lets the pony jump in saddle would be awesome.

I would also love a hud that I can put my copyable carts into - and rez on demand. It saves so much time having to find the carts in a large inventory, I can't help but wish I had something to aid in that area.

Yes, I know it is probably a really simple script that needs adding, but I'm just not any good at scripting. And maybe have it so someone else can rez carts too if you are all tacked up, as a pony, surely the trainer or your owner would be in command of the carts?

Pony events too - more with fewer in attendance to reduce lag? More publicity in the fetish sims for ponyplay? TV coverage and magazine features? Why not?

So, over to you now - what would you want to see made? You never know - maybe someone can do it and is just needing some inspiration to go about creating it.


  1. On rezzing carts (and other items), I use a hud called emDash, by I want to say Novatech. Among other functions, it allows you to add items in it and rez them without hunting through inventory. It even allows you to set the relative position to you.

    Doesn't suppport allowing a dom/trainer/owner to rez them, unfortunately. Maybe Open Collar could be convinced to make a plugin.

  2. Best event idea might be to put the course in one sim and the audience in the one next door. Frilly Filly Farm has a Steeples course like that on a sky platform.