Thursday, July 15, 2010

Neurolab - Xtrema Boots Fetish Edition

Introducing the Xtrema Boots from Neurolab - Fetish Edition yet. Hey, they had our name on them, we had to cover them!

Regular readers will note the resemblance with the Ultimate boots we featured in February.

These are new and improved, of course. As far as I’m concerned, if you add enough straps and buckles to something, it improves automatically ;)

Seriously, these are V2 ready, and the lure of no more invisiprims may one day get me using the cursed thing.

A nice latex shine and a thick platform complete the fetish look.

There is a simple menu in these that let you: change the color of the heels from aluminium to black, change the color of the straps (there are 11 colors), resize the boots, change the sound level and finally an option to remove the script.

The belts and the locks are fun, we went for the trusted black and red, but you should try the yellow and black.. gave me the sudden urge to buzzz from flower to flower. *winks*

The boots have a simple RLV locking script which lets your owner lock them on you.

In the pack you will find a nice little extra, a footshape that lifts you an extra couple of centimeters of the ground, for those sims where you sink into the ground.

So fun looking bondage boots which you can adjust to match the colors of your favorite outfit.

Name : Neurolab
Owner : Ono Zinner


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