Monday, August 2, 2010

Graves - Resistance

The dream to awaken our world...
Aeon: You’re out of control
Trevor: I take control
Trevor: Whose side are you on?
Aeon: I take no side
Trevor:You’re skating the edge
Aeon:I am the edge

A gorgeous new outfit from Graves, this is Resistance, and nobody does the spy theme better.

I’m only wearing 14 of the 27 parts of this outfit. Some are layers, but it is in fact quite intricate.

The barcode tattoo just isn’t me, and the optional dress part looks like slave silks to me.. and we all know that's not Aeon’s style.

That’s right, this outfit is a very, very good homage to Aeon Flux.

Click our Graves label to see the retrospective of excellent spy outfits we featured over the months.. then drop by the store or have a peek on XStreet.

On one of our usual shopping trips we had a look if Jackie had come up with something new.

And ones again she didn’t disappoint us, Resistance immediately caught our eye.

The quote from Aeon Flux Mistress knew by heart so i guess she’s a bit of a fan, knowing her probably from the original cartoon.

Only downside is the lack of shoes with this one, but then i guess she only wore wedged shoes in the film, still hard to find those in SL.

All in all a very sexy outfit and spot on, so get out your black wig and RESIST... *winks*

Name : Graves
Owner : Jackie Graves


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