Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cold Embrace - Harness Inflatable Gag

We received a recommendation by one of our readers - I just love that! - to go visit a little bondage gear store called Cold Embrace.

When we had a look, we found some good-looking toys and decided they were definitely worth sharing.

The one that jumped out at lelo was this one, the Harness Inflatable Gag. As Nikala says, it (and others) are based on real-life designs, of the type I love on my sweetie, I hasten to add.

We’re told there are improvements coming (and sometimes designers need nothing so much as a little shove in the back to get to it) so as soon as a new release comes out, we’ll let you know.

Ok, so i’m a bondage bunny, i just love gags like this.

The look of this one is very good, i love the little details like the stitching and the rivets on the belts.

Also the locks on the back of the harness and the way they work is a piece of art.

But as with most of these toys looks are just half the story, the scripting is the part that makes them interesting.

The menu is straight forward and easy to understand, the one thing i really love about this one is the fact that you don’t need to use channels to mumble, the gag works like it should.

As expected the gag has all the RLV options you would want, next to the drooling option and the possibility to change the color and texture of the gag.

Resizing the gag takes some work and be aware the gag is no copy so be very careful you don’t ruin your lovely gag.

The lock pick option is something to keep you busy while locked in a cell. *winks*.

Name : Cold Embrace
Owner : Nikala Thespian
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Isis%20Isle/198/46/2014


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