Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MSM Restraints - Fiddle

A neat bondage toy to add to lelo’s toy chest, this is MSM Restraint’s Fiddle.

I peeked at the entry on XStreet, and the fiddle wearer is referred to as the “victim”, which I thought was cute. “Poor lelo is the victim of Deirdre’s cruelty again” ;)

The fiddle is a faithful reproduction of the RigidCuff fiddle in RL, an aluminum bondage device with the hefty price tag of 650 Euros. Aren’t you glad you can buy it in Second Life ?

Mikk has a nice variety of RLV enabled devices. Do have a look at his store, or XStreet :

Another fun toy tonight and something we haven’t had yet, a fiddle, but don’t expect any music from me.

The fiddle is a simple looking device, two little locks appear when locked.

The length of arm is easily adjusted to fit the length of your arms.

As is to be expected the is RLV compatible and all of the usual RLV features are available.

Access to the fiddle can be set to: the keyholder, a group or everyone.

A fun new feature on this fiddle is the cam restriction, which can be set for 4, 8 or 12 meters. When you go past this range with your cam your view goes all grey. Great way to get some privacy from your sub.

Finally you have a timer and leash function, so more than enough options to play with.

I found one big plus with the fiddle compared to the usual yokes, this way i can walk through doorways.. *winks*

Name : MSM Restraints
Owner : Mikk Morane


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