Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gos - DARE Bootie

A gorgeous pair of peep-toe booties from Gospel Voom, these are called DARE, and are inspired by Alexander McQueen’s Faithful bootie.

While this is not exactly a new item (it’s been at Gos’s gorgeous store for a while), there are a few good things about it : first, it’s a new and improved version, including a v2 alpha sock, and second, the price has come down by nearly a third.

I absolutely love the look of them, like a little fold-down perfecto leather jacket for your feet.

The detail on the back of the heel is awesome, and the texture reflections are incredible. No cartoony black on black here : the word is realism.

Explore the menu, there are more good things in there than in most RLV toys.

2011-06-01 - Deirdre here. We had an unpleasant surprise last night.

Pet tipped us to a new Gos design, we went to see, and found out

lelo and I are now banned from Gos for lelo’s rating of 7 on service.

I called Gospel, and he was pretty snarky about the whole thing.

Well, you know what? I’m adding this note to let everyone looking up Gospel Voom know that you can’t browbeat higher ratings out of my sweetie, and I fully support her opinion.

And I’m giving Gospel Voom a zero for service. That’s right, the first and probably only one in this blog.

He is now also boycotted by Pet, who brings *big* spenders to stores, and he will not get a review again in this blog if he mails me cash in RL.

End of drama ;)

The boots have a simple menu in them that lets you control the size of the boots, with one of the best resizing scripts we have seen yet.

You also get to change the texture of leather on the boots, the color of the sole and zipper.

Under extras you get a lot of options, including a HUD giver and an option to close the front of the boots, hiding the toes.

The HUD gives you the options for the skin tone and the nail polish.

Ok, so they aren’t ballets, they don’t lock or have have numerous belts, still they are pretty funky looking ankle boots.

Name : Gos
Owner : Gospel Voom


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