Friday, August 13, 2010

Pony Places: KDC Store

What self-respecting pony play feature and fetish blog could go without mentioning KDC?

Kyrah Design Concept has been making latex and fetish wear in SL since 2004!

I would be lying if I didn't confess to having quite a few KDC items in my own inventory.

On visiting the store, you will find a pretty impressive selection, ranging from full hooded latex catsuits, to arm binders, gags and strait jackets.

But we are mostly interested in pony tack!

And yes, there is certainly an impressive selection to choose from there.

First is the bridle: a start kit which includes a bit or a head harness with blindfold.

Then a number of separate bits to choose from to supplement your bridle.

Whilst the KDC range is now a little dated, my favorite feature is that you can add separately available blinker hud sets.

Attach the mesh blinker kit, and the pony sees through a thin mesh eye screen, perfect to keep the flies or grit and dust out of the pony's eyes while running track.

Or the racing blinker kit which gives the pony only a narrow view straight ahead.

Or carriage blinkers which afford a slightly wider field of vision for the pony, but ensure the pony is paying attention only to where she is going.

And then you have the difficult task of choosing hooves.

You will also find show pony cuffs, which keep forearms held up by clipping the cuffs to cuffs on the biceps.

A great place to shop to look for something new or different to include in your pony play - and well worth a visit - and be sure to check out the rest of the store too!


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