Thursday, August 12, 2010

Immerschoen - Sharon and Noxia

Another Immerschoen set tonight : I’m wearing the Sharon leather catsuit, and lelo has the Noxia skirt and top.

We featured Immerschoen recently, but the outfits are leather this time, not latex - I’m glad to show how versatile they are.

Sharon is a rock chick outfit, and looks quite good for an all-clothes-layer outfit. You know how I love my prim accents, but this outfit does quite well giving a 3D effect with just folds, seams and reflections.

I like the chains and zip in front and laces in back. They’re great accents and are visible from a good distance.

You get included in the box a “Tribal Skull Hearts” tattoo in all three top layers (it goes above the left breast) and in v2 tatto layer included. It’s Nici’s work, and quite nice even for a non-inked bike chick like yours truly ;)

I’m wearing the Noxia leather skirt, well that’s what they tell you on the box.

But once you open the box you find much more, 17 items not counting the free pose stand, the LM and a note card stating all the items used in the vendor picture.

All cloth layers are included so you can mix and match these with your favorite items.

The corseted body has some great details and a very good leather look.

You can wear the skirt, which has a prim panel to hide the ugly SL cloth skirt crotch, or make the top into a very sexy body.

Next to the body and skirt you’ll find a pair of long fingerless gloves and pair of funky nylon leggings.

An added bonus is a fun gecko tattoo, again offered in all cloth layers, so you can use it to make an boring old shirt look all new.

The dress is trans so it makes a great present for a loved one. *smiles*

Name :
Owner : Gismo Rhode & nici Sewell


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