Friday, August 20, 2010

Pony Places: Morbid Play

If you still have not been here, and are looking for tack, either new or as an upgrade, then where have you been?

For a long time, there were really only 2 scripted bridles that most pony stables recommended, CCP and KDC.

And a few short years ago, along came the Morbid Play brand, which very quickly established itself as the bridle of choice for many.

And building on the success of the bridle, along came hooves, tails, harnesses. All prim, and many of them scripted too.

The textures are all original, and look great.

You can't help but admire the attention to details that has gone into some of the prim work.

My only gripe is that you might struggle to get some items to fit perfectly, because most of them are prim based.

Be very careful when modifying your items to fit, as they are not copyable.

That said, patience and some prim tweaking will have the pony looking wonderful in her new tack, and the bridle is very cleverly scripted.

Keep in mind that the high prim count might affect performance as a pony in race or timed events.

One of the starter pony kits, which includes the fantastic Evo pony bridle, a chain and leather strap prim harness, the strap hoof set which includes AO and sound HUD and an interactive tail will cost about L$2608 at the time of writing.

It might not be cheap but the amount of work gone into the prims alone makes this understandable, and is worth it if you are serious about your tack.

The store also includes other BDSM and fetish items too, just in case you wondered.


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