Friday, August 6, 2010

Pony Places: Pony Pony Store

If you ever find yourself unsure as to what cart to get, or looking for some pony accessory, you could definitely do with a visit to Pony Pony : the store so good they named it twice!

Lots of accessories, addons, enhancements for your pony play to choose from, and at a price that doesn't result in you having to sell your soul to the devil to get it.

Items in store range from a cowbell for those that prefer cowgirls to ponygirls, through the array of collars, cuffs and tails, to tails and sunglasses and lots in between.

The biggest attraction through for me, is the variety of pony carts.

From a simple sulky, to a sleigh, chariot to off-road buggies and carriages. But that is not all the options.

Do you want the cart to be pulled by one pony, or 2? Is there just a driver, or a passenger too?

You might find it hard to settle on just one cart. I spent a few days deliberating on which cart to get, and still have not managed to decide.

But you also have a pony shed, a full size barn and even a nursing hay-bale (you simply have to see it to appreciate that one).

Also in store is an assortment of bondage frames, St Andrews crosses, gallows and yes, even virtual bubble wrap! (Don't ask.)

So, if you have not yet found this store, go check it out. I'll bet you find something you could find a use for while there.


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