Thursday, August 5, 2010

Badkatz - Wet Chocolate One-Piece Swimsuit

Yummy is the first designer I ever met in SL, lo those many years ago.. and it was good to drop by her store again and chat a bit.

This awesome one-piece swimsuit caught my eye in the “New” vendor, and as Yummy always called her leather pieces “chocolate”.. well, it does look pretty lickable, doesn’t it? ;)

A pair of big Versace-style shades to complement it and I’m ready for Saint-Tropez (Eagle-eyed readers will recognize the Elixir Albedo sunglasses).

As usual, the price was excellent. Badkatz doesn’t do only leather/fetish, so if you want elegant and inexpensive clothing, do drop by.

It was time to visit another old friend, we hadn’t featured in a while.

As was to be expected the store was rebuilt, and Yummy assured us she would be remodeling pretty soon...again.

Looking at the “new” vendor Mistress instantly fell in love with this swimsuit.

I’m sure we’re in for some beach time pretty soon, though not sure if the leather will like that. *winks*

Ohh and don’t forget to check out her midnight mania, she has some great clothes in it.

Name : Badkatz Clothing
Owner : Yummy Freelunch


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