Thursday, September 23, 2010

Danish Design - Police Catsuit Black

You have the right to remain sexy. Everything you wear will be held closely against you.

Ok, that was easy, but I had to do it ;)

Introducing Police Catsuit Black from Danish Design, a detailed outfit with some excellent prim accessories, like the belt, cap, tie, shirt sleeves and collar.

A note about the collar : it comes ready to be worn on “spine2”. Now I’m old fashioned, and I only have one of those, so the collar floated somewhere off to my left.

I detached, attached it to chest, and after a bit of editing, positioned it properly for that sexy uniform look.

The cap is a bit tricky, as are all hats. My hair is Sirena’s “Seduction”, and works pretty well with it, if you don’t mind the bun sticking out a bit.

The top and bottom are in all layers, although I can’t see wearing anything over this cool outfit. A long leather coat, maybe?

A new copper is in town and she means business.. *smiles*

Here is proof that Danish Design isn’t only about pretty dresses, but that she surely deserves a place in this blog.

Even though the BAX boots are in both our as the vendor picture they aren’t part of the kit...really they are not... sorry.. i know they look great with the outfit.. but they’re not with the kit.. so live with it....or just buy them at BAX... .though being a reader of this blog i’m sure you already have them in all colors..

Now if i only could swipe that little key of her belt.... *winks*

Name : Danish Design
Owner : Pip1 Boa


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