Friday, September 24, 2010

Pony Places : Euro Pony Stables

Doing my usual search of SL places listed, I found one named Euro Pony Stables. Coming from the UK, I thought it might suit my time zone, and took a closer look.

On first impressions, this sim is full of promise, and as a new build, is still currently being worked on. But it is huge!

Occupying what appears to be at least a full sim, perhaps more, the land boasts a pony club, as well as its own mall. The mall is not reserved exclusively for pony vendors.

In the north-west corner is the Euro Pony Club : a barn with stalls around the edges, and a mini steeple course on the inside - perfect for bad weather training.

To the south, just in front of the landing area, are a pony bath and a walker, and heading east takes you to the main areas.

Up a grassy hill (leave the heels at home ladies) and through an archway finds another pony walker and a cart race track.

Veering southeast of the track and onto a path you encounter the first "pony tour" stop - a bus stop for a pony cart. Not a totally new idea, but one I like anyway.

Going along the cobbled pathways takes you past a barn equipped with grooming, breeding and even a grinding mill, all tailored for the pony (from Unbridled)

At the end of that path, as you encounter a turn, below you lies a steeple set on both sides of a small lake. Venturing East now and up the hill to the essential pony training features.

Steeple, slalom, barrel racing and of course a dressage field. exploring further takes you into a small outdoor store area, including an open collar vendor and a small freebie section.

And lastly, the entrance to the mall, one side of the entrance is for ponies, the other for humans, with tour stops inside. Shopping from a cart? Great idea!

Overall, this is a promising sim, early in development. I will be keeping a close eye on it, and exploring again soon.

My only concern is that all the vendors and mall might make it seem more a commercial venture than a labour of love. Though with the cost of running a sim, it is a necessary evil for many.

Definitely worth a look if you are trying to find somewhere new.


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