Friday, September 3, 2010

Emerald Viewer

With the unfortunate collapse of the Emerald Viewer, many of us may now be looking for an alternative. I know I was.

I wanted the double attachment points of Emerald, coupled with the Media and tattoo layer available in Viewer 2.0 and later Emerald updates, and RLV features.

I thought that I was going to have to go back to the official SL viewer and lose out on the 2nd attachment points.

But, I was tipped off to a little known viewer which was based on the latest Emerald Viewer, but with "with the bad things taken out".

This viewer is called Emergence, and works just like the Emerald Viewer utilising Viewer 2.0 at the source. And this includes RLV as an option.

Why are 2nd attachment points so important to me?

Pony tack takes up a lot of attachment points. If I use all prim tack, then there are only 1 or 2 places left to attach other things.

And if these other things are RLV items, and locked, then something has to give.

Careful planning to use these secondary attachments helps to prevent this problem.

I wear a ring on my right hand - which gets displaced if I wear my hand hooves.

By placing the ring on the secondary hand attachment, I can wear both the ring, and the hoof without the need to re wear it on removing the tack.

The other viewers worth considering are Imprudence - though this does not yet support secondary attachments without some minor tweaking. See this link for more info

Breast physics and the second attachments I am told can be added by tweaking, but as this viewer is being updated regularly, some patience may be enough to get around this.

Another option you may want to consider is the Cool Viewer - which has been around for some time, and was my viewer of choice before I found Emerald.

For now, I will be using Emergence, as this seems is essentially Emerald, however like many SL users, I will be keeping an eye on these other ones too.

Hot off the press : I have just been informed of a new viewer from part of the Emerald Team, including the developer behind the Emergence Viewer, relating to the new Phoenix Viewer.

This is a direct replacement for Emerald and is currently pending approval for the Third Party Viewer Policy approval.

Watch this space for more details -


  1. I tried Emergence and like it fine, but Phoenix appears to be a newer version of Emerald. Also, LordGregGreg, the Emergence dev, has just joined the Phoenix team of devs. Downloads and info on Phoenix are here:

  2. Actually I would recommend Imprudence myself. It supports RLV functions, and is lighter, quicker, but also more utilitarian, then Emerald was. I've also found it's smaller too, which has made it a good pick for me:

  3. I would also recommend Imprudence, for all the reasons above. The lack of double attachment points is not really an issue imo as the only people able to see them properly are those who have double attachment points on their viewer. To everyone else it looks like the object is floating a few feet away from their body (highly amusing when it's a prim penis, I can tell you!).