Thursday, September 2, 2010

Squeaky Rubber - Burning Star Catsuit and Star Harness

We dropped by Elisa’s little skybox to see what was new since our last visit, and I was pleasantly surprised to find these new low-cost outfits - I hate to call good quality work like this a “cheapie”.

Burning Star has Squeaky’s trademark translucent look to it, and it’s gorgeous.

You get two pairs of gloves (I’m wearing the contrasting black, but there’s a zentai-effect, same color glove included) and two pairs of stockings, along with two bottoms and two tops.

There’s no jacket layer included, which makes sense - why wear a full catsuit over something else?

The black star motif is a neat touch, and a change from plain, solid catsuits.

Elisa tells me she has new things coming up... we’ll keep you posted :)

Nothing says sub quite as much as a good belted harness, and here it is.. *winks*

The Harness comes in black (full picture), lime, red (close up), brown, pink, silver and white.

You also get all layers so you can mix and match them to your outfit, do you wear it under or over a corset??

Ohh you should see the back it looks great... ahh you can't... well get your own and you can stare at your own bum for a change.

Next to the harness you get a nice rubber-skin, which Elisa still calls a prototype, not sure why it looks great.

The skin tone is neutral and so is the make-up, so for me it works without losing my face. *smiles*

At this price no sub should be with out one.

Name : Squeaky Rubber
Owner : Elisa Kumaki


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