Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sintimacy - Turning Heads Dress

Deirdre :
We hadn’t dropped by Sintimacy in a while, and when we did, the latest release looked really good so we decided to share it with you, faithful readers.

This cool ensemble is called Turning Heads Dress... and I think it’s pretty much guaranteed to do that.

Now while it’s not strictly speaking a fetish outfit in the sense of heavy rubber and gasmasks, it’s hot, sexy club wear and there were boots included ;)

The dress is one layer only, but I can’t picture needing to wear much else with it.

The top is shirt layer so you can add a jacket for those long chilly walks from the limo to the club door.

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lelo :
Another complete outfit tonight.. well complete as in boots and dress *winks*

The dress comes with the smart panels that hide the ugly way SL makes a dress.

The boots have a nice re-size script and for a change i needed it, haven’t seen boots this small in SL, but plus 12% and they fit perfectly with out breaking a sweat.

Ohh almost forgot the lovey bracelets included in the package, a nice fashionable change from my usual bracelets.

Name : Sintimacy
Owner : Istephanija Munro


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