Tuesday, September 21, 2010

VvB Stiletto Heels - Petite Ballet Shoes

Viktoria’s in the home stretch, having converted most of her designs to the new version 3, as we said, with all new sculpts and so on.

Here’s a glimpse at what’s next in her production schedule, colors!

This is the Petite Ballet Shoe, in white. When Vik’s all caught up, every design of hers will be available in black, red and white.

To be precise, this is the Petite Slave version. There is also a Petite, without all the cool buckles and straps and rings and RLV scripts.

I say if you’re going to wear ballets, go whole hog, but maybe there are “ballet light” fans out there ;)

Woohoo, more ballets for my collection, the new v3 ballet shoes by VvB called the Petite.

These are slave version, which have the D-rings, belts and little locks, the standard version misses these fun little extra’s.

In the package you get a RLV and a “normal” version of the boots, so if you don’t want to use RLV you don’t have to drag the scripts around with you, your local server will thank you. *winks*

The scripting is basic, giving you the option to change the color of the laces, turn the ao on and off and you can control the sound level.

The locking is done simply by touching the shoes so better check if they are locked before entering a “play” sim or you might get attached to them a bit more than you might like. *smiles*

As before a great improvement, good toe box, lovely heel and great little details, a must have for the Fall doll collection.

Name : VvB Stiletto Heels
Owner : Viktoria Brandenburg


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