Monday, September 20, 2010

POC - Sidewinder In The Net Ruby

Latex and fishnet is not a combo you’ll see too often in RL.. static problems, I would guess ;)

(Although I say that and I recall seeing whalenet stockings over a catsuit, for a splash of color)

This fun outfit, then, is Sidewinder in the Net, by Powers of Creation. It has quite a number of mix-and-match looks, from fairly covered to pretty uncovered.

The latex color looks translucent - aside from being a master of shine, looks like Kai is also a wiz with tints.

The fishnet looks good despite the well-known difficulties with some body parts in SL.

There are no gloves included, so the look is a little bare... must be winter coming up, it makes me want to throw on a jacket ;)

Seems Kai has been looking at Hugo’s and got a bit of inspiration to make something new.

There is a bit fith element in this outfit, though Leeloo never had the added fishnet fabric.

Still this is a great combination of both the fishnet and the shiny POC latex, seems he even can make small strips of it shine.

With this outfit you get 3 options, the shown sexy catsuit, an almost naked body or fully naked. *winks*

Its good to see that Kai is making new clothes again, it’s been a bit silent at POC lately.

Name : Powers of Creation
Owner : Kai Heideman, Thoto Beerbaum


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  1. Glad you like it - although I have been busy. It just takes time to get thing up to the quality I demand from the poc-products. Also I did some updates to the stuff we already had - like tattoo-layer for skins, fixing glitches. But trust me, there will be more things to come.