Tuesday, October 26, 2010

AiTech - Anime Head

A fun variation on a full face hood, this is AI Tech’s Anime Head.

This is for kigurumi fans : a special variety of cosplay getting more popular with doll enthusiasts in Japan, and slowly spreading across the world as Japanese cartoons and comics become more popular.

And just so you don’t think we’re getting lazy and letting Wikipedia do all our research for us, here’s a pretty anime maid costume. We take kinks seriously over here, ok? ;)

We know doll play is a popular topic in SL, even though the doll crowd is a little... quiet? static? inactive? Well, no matter : to them, those are good things!

So if a Japanese cartoon character costume sounds like a fun Halloween idea to you, drop by AiTech’s and pick up this inexpensive mask, and have fun!

When we talked to Asami she told us that the head was “the most modder-friendly head in Second Life”.

So when i wore it i was a bit disappointed with the options in the menu, here you can change the eye color, look happy or mad, change the skin tone and blush.

But when i read the note things became clear, this is not menu modding this is texture and script modding, the head is full moddable, from texture to scripts all can be changed.

Asami even provides links to the original Photoshop and GIMP images, so you can adapt them to your personal likings.

Finally when talking in locale chat the true genius of this mask becomes clear, the mouth animation is very good and convincing.

This mask is extremely fun, not sure if i’m going to mod it, but i’m sure we’ll have some fun with it anyway. *winks*

Name : AiTech
Owner : Asami Imako


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