Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Think Kink - Restrained Halloween

We dropped by Think Kink on a special mission (we’ll keep you posted on the results!) and noticed that the girls have been busy.

In the store entrance is a big display of Hallowe’en-themed new releases - some as recent as yesterday!

If you’re doing a Hallowe’en dungeon theme, run, don’t walk, to Think Kink.

We picked a few samples to show you : the first picture is poor lelo hanging from the Back Cracker, a fierce assemblage of skulls and vertebrae ;) It features some very good scripting, and even facial expressions for the victim.

The second picture is lelo chained to a more conventional Saint Andrew’s cross. Well, aside from the skeletal hands and what have you ;)

I also threw in a vendor pic to show you a bit of what you’re getting : Lulu and Lockmeister cuffs, Sensations and Xcite! compatible.. there’s a lot of good work in those toys.

As with the other toys we reviewed from Think Kink the scripting is very solid, this is version 501, so they keep fine tuning it.

I love the way they brought a Halloween theme to the toys, and i’ve seen dungeons where these skull and bones will look right in place.

There is a big selection so something for everyone, ohh and one hot tip, try the grave : it has some special surprises, no we’re not telling, check it out yourself. *smiles*

As before the toys hand out all kinds of (dangerous) goodies, like cuffs, whips and a very good RLV Relay.

So if you want to bring some Halloween spirits into your front garden or want to spruce up your dungeon, these will definitely do the job and you never know what you’ll catch with the graboid option. *winks*

Name : Think Kink
Owner : Lyssa Daehlie & Ilana Debevec


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  1. Many kind words and we're so glad you like them! But I wanna throw in a huge set of props to Chloe1982 Constantine, she's become my right hand girl (kitty? elf? I haven't checked today) in the scripting world and had helped tremendously in making the script set solid (and wait till you see what comes next!)

    Ilana Debevec, co-pervert-in-chief, Think Kink