Friday, October 22, 2010

Crystal Palace

I couldn't decide whether this was primarily a pony store, or a place of interest, and so I have not labeled it as either.

It is both. One thing that did surprise me was how I had not discovered this before now.

I would describe Crystal Palace as a place for the more discerning pony and or trainer; cheap or freebie items will not be found here.

Rezzing in sim at the landmark places you just outside a brick building, which when entering you learn is a barn.

Beautifully landscaped surroundings and an authentic barn feel create a warm atmosphere. A small group of stalls lined with hay and a few carts are just inside at the right.

A small but well-designed steeplechase track is also just outside the barn.

Water troughs line the immediate area, and, inside the barn is a teleport to the store.

A demo cart rezzer can be found near the teleporter, and when clicking it you are given a choice of size carts. The carts are no modify so you need to choose the cart best suited to your avatar shape.

A word of warning. The carts are not cheap, so make sure to take the time to test which shape cart best fits your avatar.

Teleporting to the shop finds a rather interesting looking pony tail, a selection of drinking troughs and the carts.

Cart vendors can be found near the southeastern corner of the shop and prices of the cart range from L$1200 for the Cabriolet Practique models to L$2200 for Regence.

Note that by default, the cart is owned by the pony and can only be pulled by her. If you're a trainer and you want to own a cart any pony can pull, you can request customization from Alecia Ashbourne.

Sitting on the nearby carts laid out in store, you find a well made seated set of sitting animations for either male or female drivers and passengers.

The demo also revealed well made pony animations too.

The water troughs are auto height adjusting - the pony touches the trough and it raises or lowers to the right height, and is animated.

I spent several minutes sitting at one just to watch the full range of animations.

A tail vendor - again with a good range of colours to suit, and some pony animations - sadly this was offline on my visit, but I will be checking back another time.

Teleporting back to the stables after finding my cart size, I took a demo for a spin, and even running at about 15 frames per second (yes my PC is that slow!) the cart moved smoothly and fluidly.

Sadly, I am short on funds and so was not able to purchase one for myself, but I will definitely be adding a Cabriolet cart to my collection soon.

A designer name in pony equipment perhaps, but, definitely worth your time to explore.


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