Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jaquline Jewell Design - Evil Skirt

We hadn’t heard from Jaquline in a while, so it was good to get her latest release, the Evil Skirt.

It’s not just so short that you’re going straight to hell (any catholics in the room?), but it also has some actual evil properties ;) See lelo's description for details.

The rear is completely open (cool laces!) so lelo wore her nice POC swimsuit (one of the few items we both wear.) Just to be clear, then, no panties are included.

One fun setting I saw while going through the menu (hey, I test too.. I test on lelo) is “vib random” : knowing the things can go off at any time is sure to introduce a bit of interesting stress in your sweetie’s life ;)

This one made us wonder at first, what can be evil about a skirt, we or should i say i quickly found out. *winks*

The short prim dress has a nice latexy texture and is juts the way i like them, short and flexi, i can watch myself walking in one of those for hours. *smiles*

The menu of the skirt gives you 3 color options, red, black or pink and you can select if you want lacings in back or just the skirt, not very evil you might say and you would be right.

The skirt is just dressing for the real evil contained in it, two dildos which are fully RLV compliant.

Next to the usual lock and owner options you can set the vibs on the dildos, who are Xcite! compatible.

You also can connect bulbs to the dildos and inflate them, giving you that lovely filled feeling.

The only little drawback is as usual a short coming of SL and not something the designer could ever fix, the bulbs have a tendency to end up in your legs.

Fun little toy that should keep you amused for weeks.

Name : Jaquline Jewell Design
Owner : Jaquline Jewell


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