Thursday, October 14, 2010

Immerschoen - Lack Pants Set Suzie and Latex Romper Suit BD 8

We received a bunch of good things from Nici at Immerschoen a while back : this cool pair of outfits and a wagonload of tattoos ;)

Now we’re not really big on them, but it’s a good reminder that she has her own niciARTLINE line of tattoos.. do have a look sometime.

Today I’m wearing the Suzie Lack Pants Set, and what little there is of it is indeed shiny like PVC.

The top looks like a classic biker vest, except for the back lacing. The bottom.. looks like a small belt ;)

This is a complete outfit, including clothing layer boots.

A good, inexpensive outfit for a new citizen on a budget, perhaps.

This romper by Immerschoen has a very distinctive latex look to it, especially the way the tension at the belts is made is very good.

Belts are the main feature with this romper, and they are on the gloves and stockings as well, there is a small zipper in the crotch, but that one will stay securely closed. *winks*

A nice extra are the stilettos which have a sexy walk and heel click, especial the silver heels are fun.

The top comes in shirt and jacket layer and the bottom only in pants layer, restricting the mixing and matching a bit, though i really can’t see you wearing this under 2 layers, there wouldn’t show much. *smiles*

As a final extra you get one of Nici’s tattoos - a lovely butterfly in this case.

Name : Immerschoen
Owner : Gismo Rhode & nici Sewell


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