Friday, October 15, 2010

Pony Places: Equestrians Barn

For the ponyboys that might, with some justification, feel that the girls have everything while the males get very little, I found this quaint and pleasant ponyboy barn.

Set very close to Frilly Filly Farm, and right on the main Route 9 Linden road, this barn is aimed at the ponyboys.

Outside of the barn is a pleasantly wooded fenced paddock with long grass, perfect for grazing or strutting for the fillies.

Exploring the perimeter of the barn reveals some places to sit and cuddle.

Inside is set out with a handful of stalls and enough items to ensure care of your prized stallion.

The hay loft includes somewhere to relax after taking stallion for a run out.

While this may be a small parcel, missing the expected array of dressage fields, slalom runs and steeple courses, its close proximity to FFF provides an ideal solution.

A short cart ride will take you to FFF and use of the facilities there.

For those without their own carts, a rezzer can be found in the barn, at the back.

The parcel is in fact refreshingly uncluttered, yet manages to be both pleasant and aesthetically pleasing.

Definitely a place to include on your SL pony play tour.


Hi everyone... Deirdre here, with a little bonus!

As we dropped by for snaps, we were lucky enough to meet the barn Mistress, Carrie Wyx, and her partner, Hastur Harbrough.

We had a lovely chat, and she told us a little of the barn's history. It's is brand new, about a month old, and was built by Hastur as a gift.

Carrie deeply cares for ponyboys, and even had a couple stabled when we visited : Stormcrow Echegaray, on the right, and Ravenwings Wind, left.

There is still room at the barn for ponyboys (I confirmed with Carrie before writing this!) so do drop in, boys, but be nice : no stampede! ;)

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