Tuesday, October 19, 2010

P and P - Lucky Doll Blue

We saw the P&P stall at Latexia a while back, and the Lucky Doll outfit caught our eye.

As quite a few dolls would agree that lelo is a pretty darned lucky one, we thought we’d feature the outfit tonight ;)

Why blue? Well, there were two colors.. and we feature a *lot* of black.

This is a complete outfit, so if you were looking for something to wear to the Rubber Room, you’re in luck.

Dolls should definitely keep P&P in mind : Felizitaz was telling us she’s working on a latex wedding dress and is considering a doll version.

It’s doll time again, with this basic doll set from P & P.

The outfit contains 16 items : most are prim items, a few of them are freebies, but they are just complementary to the other items in the kit.

The skin is pretty nice and leaves little to no visible skin so you won’t notice the loss of your own skin to much.

The ballets are good looking and have fun little locks on the cuff.

She also includes the Bright Cuffs set in the kit, which is a nice extra.

The thing that really makes this kit is the doll mask, which will completely cover your features giving you that blank doll face we all love, the included doll hair is a nice touch.

There are also two gas-masks in the kit, of which the fallout mask is an old favourite.

All in all, a great start kit for a doll wannabe. Go for the blue one if you want to stand out in a crowd, the black one is the safe, but boring choice.

Name : P & P
Owner : Felizitaz Loon


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