Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Drakke - Starry Freebie and Store Move

We discovered Drakke Designs a short while back, and Mandrakke sure adopted us.

He keeps us informed of new developments, sends us the store’s new SLURL, tells us about freebies, sends us flowers - well, no, not quite, but nearly ;)

So. The store has moved, and is now taking a good quarter of the sim at Bounty Bay II.

It’s big, but it’s really clean and well laid out, has wonderful high ceilings (you know by now how I hate the cramped little boxes), and a cool black theme, a gorgeous fountain... it’s pretty much what I’d build if I had talent ;)

To celebrate the store move, Mandrakke made one of his best-seller ankle boots free in white, and the black model a cheapie at a stunning 50L$.

By the way, designers, are you listening to the broad hint, here? Keep us posted, and we’ll keep posting about you ;)

Now how goes that old rule again, don’t wear white shoes after.. some day or another.. well i really don’t care these boots are good looking and even more important they are free... well free for group members, but then that is free also.. *smiles*

Still reading this? ok, figured you would have skipped to the SLURL by now. *winks* A SLURL we changed to the new store, also in the older posts.

Ok back to the boots, not true fetish boots but the stiletto heels are sharp enough to be dangerous in the.. ehh on the wrong feet.

You get the boots with an invisi prim for Viewer 1 users and the alpha mask for the Viewer 2 users, how’s that for good service.

The belt and the little stars on the chain are a fun extra for the boots, making them stand out a bit more.

Get them while the offer is still hot and running...

Name : Drakke's Designs
Owner : Mandrakke Dagger


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