Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Places - Lipstickz

Lipstickz is a new women-only club, started a few weeks back by two experienced club managers, Stacy Wytchwood and Lexxxi Bailey. A third owner joined them recently, Chrissy Voir.

It has grown rapidly, in popularity and size - they’re gobbling up land and expanding fast : the club now has a nude pool and a clean little mall, and covers half the sim.

The place has a definite BDSM theme, with two well-appointed dungeons in skyboxes tucked discreetly out of the way thousands of meters in the air.

Keeping lag low is a big concern for the owners - anyone who’s waded through molasses at popular spots in SL will appreciate this.

The club itself is pretty amazing, with many areas for dancing and relaxing, rows of dance balls for that line dance thing, and a classy, distinctive look.

The focus in coming weeks will be events. No less than one party a day is the plan for the near future, with several parties a day being the ultimate goal.

When you visit, as you climb the stairs and turn right to enter the club, don’t miss the cool custom-made fetish freebies by PoC and Jinxed.

Lipstickz is looking for (female) DJ’s, hosts and managers who are prepared to work based on tips - contact one of the owners if you’re interested, and tell them Deirdre and lelo told you ;)


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