Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Eclectic Randomness - Fetish Doll Hood

We hadn’t dropped by Eclectic Randomness in ages, and lelo immediately spotted the Fetish Doll Hood.

Well, it matches the rest of her outfit so well, I couldn’t say no ;)

This is a complete redesign of the previous model, which was called the Isolation Hood. Winter tells me this is two months of work, and I can well believe it.

If objectification, doll play, heavy rubber fetishism, or just ridiculously strict bondage is your thing, this toy is for you :)

ER stores are in two locations : one adult (Kloimar), and one mature (Healy) if you need to access it with an unverified account, say.

See the item page on SL Marketplace for a really detailed description :

I heard someone today call this, “the classic doll outfit”. Well, call me an old-fashioned girl but i just love this look, classic or not.

Where to start on this one... hmm looks i guess, Winter told us she had worked two months on this hood and it shows, the buckles look great and so does the lacing on the back.

I can imagine she had to do quite a bit of work on fitting the hood so it fits most head shapes without becoming too bulky. Just to make sure, she even put a shape in the package, but it fit me fine after a minimum of positioning.

To make the hood really work, she offers a hooded skin and a bib in all layers and all the standard colors.

Speaking of the colors, the combinations you can make here are near endless. You can pick colors for hood, laces, straps, details, neck, locks, mouth and label. Most in a few standard colors and a couple offer you 16.7 million color tints.

Winter offers matching catsuits to the 12 standard hood colors for very reasonable prices and of course they match the ER boobs.

If you think that’s all the tweaking you can do, you couldn’t be more wrong. For one thing, you can show and hide the mouth, buckles, lacing and the label.

The label is the other item that gives you the possibility to totally personalize the hood, every 5 letter/number combination is possible, so if you like collecting dolls you can number. *winks*

Think you’re done? There is one more personalization you need to do, offer your key to the right Dom(me). When (s)he locks it on, small locks appear in the buckles and with RLV the hood stays on.

*comes up for air* so if you are a doll or want to be one and you don’t have this item in your inventory.. run.. you should really own one... now.

Name : Eclectic Randomness
Owner : Winter Ventura
Mature: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kitzbuhel/211/146/106
Adult: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kloimar/40/24/1491 


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  1. But wait there's more! :-) If you want to be adventurous, grab one of the Iso-Helmets from "Kinky Things by Krystall", rip the scripts out and dump them in the ER hood. Now you've got a really nice looking hood and a full bane system all in one!

    A friend of mine and I tried this out a while back and the results were astounding. You've got all the icky rules and punishments of a decent bane hood, combined with the really gorgeous look of the ER Fetish Hood. Add in the ER Latex Single or Double Tails for good measure and away you go!