Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dark Elf Manufacture - Collars

In the far right corner of the Think Kink main building, you’ll find a small store called DEM, with a wide range of pretty collars.

We were lucky enough to run into Chloe and Nihal a while back, and they gave us a few samples to show the variety of designs they carry.

They even have a free collar, in a basic design, so you can inspect the menu and see if you like it.

There’s a good chance that you will, as the scripts are based on Dari’s Haus original ones, which she released in the public domain. In an uncharacteristically cool gesture, DEM gives Darien Caldwell 10% on every sale.

Chloe confided that she was working on something big. No, I can’t tell you what it is ;) But it will be awesomely cool, and will deal with a common problem a lot of collars have. We’ll keep you posted when it comes out. (Hey, Chloe, is that ancillary enough?)

It was high time to do some collars again, we had run into Nihal and Chloe at Think Kink a while ago and had seem their great looking collars.

The overall look of the collars is a bit dark/Gothic but then i guess that's what you can expect from collars *smiles*

Nihal does the sculpting and Chloe takes care of the scripting, a script that is based on the Dari collar script.

The fun little box the collar comes in is quite full and transferable, as a good collar should be.

Next to the collar you get a leash anchor, leash post, leash holders in different versions, a pose stand and an instruction card, which starts with telling you the script is based on Dari’s original.

The script has been cleaned, modified and Adapted to the use the latest RLV features.

Now stop reading and hurry to Think Kink and try out that free one, i’m sure you’ll be hooked..ehh .. collared in minutes. *winks*.

Name : Dark Elf Manufacture
Owner : Nihal Quan & Chloe1982 Constantine


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