Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Malley’s Fashions - MD Fetish Pump Black

Malley and Dragan saw our URL giver at Rubber Room, and got in touch with us.

We’ve had many people find the blog that way, but I believe a designer sending us something for review because of the URL giver is a first :)

This is the MD Fetish Pump, then : a cool fetish pump with an ankle cuff. Generally, that’s an either-or proposition : if you wear cuffs, you can’t wear anything else on the leg, so it rules out boots and a lot of shoes with sculpted feet.

This should be the first of a line of fetish pumps, with different models and colors - I look forward to seeing the developments :)

The pump is copy, so the notecard starts with good advice : take a copy before you resize ;)

This is a good-looking pump, with tons of good extras. Well worth the price.

Best pumps i’ve seen in a while, finally a pump with prim foot but no toes, i’m into shoes and boots not toes. *winks*

The included color picker hud works pretty good, though use it in a lag free, oops still in SL, well, low lag area.

Next to the great looking pumps you get a nice set of open collar cuffs and collar, in the same style as the cuffs on the shoes.

You still get a V2 and “normal” viewer option, aka alpha layer vs. invisi prims, must say this is one of the V2 options i really like.

Finally you’ll get the OpenCollar Sub AO in the package, a nice little freebie to sweeten the deal.

If this is a taste of things to come, i can hardly wait for the other new models, stay tuned to this station.... *smiles*

Name : Malley’s Fashions
Owner : Malley Vollmer & Dragan Nightfire


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