Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Places - Bound to Excite

The fame thing is kicking in - one of the readers of our blog told Yamara Valimedzic about us.

She's the club manager at a new BDSM club called Bound to Excite, and she gave us a shout. We visited, and got a grand tour by the owner, Bill Baramm.

There are several areas to the sim, so the teleporter map (shown here) is a must if you want to see everything.

The main club, called Stripped and Bound, is an underwater cavern, which is pretty unusual.

Theme-based events are held there - at our first visit, the place had Arabic decorations which were gone when we got the tour - we’re told that looks will change frequently.

The main focus of the sim is the Victorian styled village, which also hides the Mall. Bill told us that the village is based on the Victorian erotic writings, called the Pearl , which was the Victorian version of the Playboy but with more stories and fewer pictures. *winks*

Bill has great plans for this Village, wanting to bring it alive and play out scenes from the Pearl, along with a mall cleanly tucked away in period shops and a horse-riding track around it.

The Village is 2500 meters in the air so it doesn’t interfere with the beach scenes at ground level, some smart use of big prims gives you the feel that you are in a sallow valley, just don’t try to run out of town up the hill.

On sea level you’ll find the Shore Bound club, which is much more vanilla and is set beautifully on stilts in the sea, the open second level brings back memories of our old club.

A small board walk leads to one of two beaches, with on this one JET SKI rentals!!!! and more than enough water on the sim to really enjoy them.

We wish this new club luck - drop by for one of the events, we think you won’t regret it.


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